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I’m a William W. Elliott Assistant Research Professor of Math at Duke University (2020 – 2023).  My mentor at Duke is Ezra Miller. My short CV is here:CV_Dec15_21.

I received a Math Ph.D. in May, 2020 from Ohio State. I was working under the guidance of Facundo Mémoli . Before that, I earned my Bachelor’s degree at Seoul National Univ. in South Korea.

I am interested in the theoretical foundations for persistence theory in topological data analysis and their applications to dynamical systems. For my research, I primarily exploit concepts from algebraic & combinatorial topology, (algebraic) combinatorics, metric geometry, commutative algebra, representation theory, and category theory, blending these with ideas of persistence in topological data analysis. I also often run into computational geometry & topology questions during my research.

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Nov/30/2021. Computing Generalized Rank Invariant for 2-Parameter Persistence Modules via Zigzag Persistence and its Applications has been posted to arXiv (Joint work with T. Dey and F. Memoli).

Nov/03/2021. The Generalized Persistence Diagram Encodes the Bigraded Betti Numbers has been posted to arXiv (Joint work with Samantha Moore).

Oct/05/2021. Samantha Moore (a Ph.D. candidate at Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) is giving a poster presentation about our work “Generalized Persistence Diagrams as an Extension of Elder-Rule-Staircodes” in AATRN poster session, on Oct 8, 2021 (Friday).

Sep/11/2021. I am co-organizing Special Session on Algebraic Combinatorics and Category Theory in Topological Data Analysis in AMS Spring Southeastern Sectional Meeting (March 11-13) with Alex McCleary, Amit Patel, and Facundo Memoli.

July/13/2021. Generalizd Persistence Generalized persistence diagrams for persistence modules over posets has been accepted for publication in Journal of Applied and Computational Topology. arXiv preprint.

May/07/2021. Elder-Rule-Staircodes for Augmented Metric Spaces has been accepted for publication in SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry. arXiv preprint.

Apr/09/2021. I will give a contributed lecture titled The Persistent Topology of Dynamic Data at MSRI Hot Topic workshop: Topological Insights in Neuroscience (May 3-11, 2021).

Mar/31/2021. I will give an invited talk in Metrics in Multiparameter Persistence, Lorentz Center (Jul 19-23, 2021).

Mar/30/2021.  I will give a contributed talk about “Interleaving by parts for persistence in a poset at IMSI-Topological Data Analysis on April 27.